Quarantine Sucks

The worst part of quarantine is the lack of human interaction. Not being able to go out, be with friends, be social, etc, is not something for which I was prepared. No sports on TV, no Quakes games on the horizon, no Saturday morning Arsenal get-togethers, no bowling, nothing. Imagine being alone with nothing but your thoughts for a weekend. Now imagine it for an entire week. A month. See where I’m going with this? This is my reality.

My quarantine/shelter-in-place buddy Gunner.

If you have kids, family, or a “quaranteam,” count yourself lucky/blessed. I have no one I see on a regular basis, except my cat Gunner. With my dad dead and Mom in memory care, I have no family except for my brother who has kids of his own and lives 2.5 hours away. While you may be driving yourselves crazy, at least you can talk to people and share good times and bad times. When you’re alone all day, all the times are bad it seems.

I’ve learned that the people who care for us are the ones who look out for us. I really appreciate those friends that go/went out of their way to check in with those of us who are alone. Thank you, friends, for that text message letting me know that you’re thinking of me. It really means a lot.

Do you know anyone who is alone during this time? I would encourage you to reach out and offer a word of encouragement.

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