This blog is not for you. I’m not trying to win your approval, sway your opinions, entertain you, etc. Those might be happy side-effects, but the truth is this: my life has been chaos and I need an outlet.

This blog is for me to share emotions, lessons, and heal from a lifetime of emotional trauma. I’m hoping just writing things down will be therapeutic. Each experience has taught me valuable lessons about life and people, so why keep them to myself when others might benefit?

Fair warning: I am a terrible writer. I lack the ability to organize my thoughts and express my opinions. I get lost in the minutiae while I write. I rarely have an outline, and when I do, I rarely follow it. We all have talents, such as being able to play an instrument, sing, act, program computers, play sports, etc. Writing is not a natural talent of mine, so bear with me.

Like my writing, this blog will be haphazard, sporadic, and chronologically disorganized. There will be many posts which discuss my childhood, career path, religious faith and questions, and much more. I may even throw in photos I’ve taken along the way since I like photography. Welcome to my life.

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